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Amazon Gift Card Generator, Myth or true?

July 6, 2016 sushant 0

If you want to make a big purchase online and you do not have enough money, you may be tempted to use an Amazon gift card generator. My best bet is don’t. When you are paying and a website other than Amazon requires you to make the payment, it is most likely a scam and they are most likely not Amazon. It isn’t a question of is the Amazon gift card generator a myth or true. The Amazon gift card generator is a myth. Amazon gift cards only come from Amazon.

Amazon gift card terms and conditions clearly state that purchases are to be made from Amazon and a few other particular websites that Amazon is linked to and those that it permits purchases from using the Amazon gift cards.

The scam is executed through new websites that sell technology gadgets. They hire people to put up positive testimonials. Because of that everything looks good and you decide to make a purchase. During the procedure they tell you to buy an Amazon gift card and that you should type in the the gift card details as payment. This is how they steal your money.