Top Strategies to win a clash royale battle

Quick Tips For Winning More Battles In Clash Royale


Hey there guys! We are back with another two quick tips for winning more battles in Clash Royale! We made another post before this one explaining two tips to quickly win you more battles in Clash Royale. I feel like it helped a lot of people, so why not do more? Here you have it, two more tips that will help you win battles in Clash Royale.

Tip 1.) Having A Good Average Elixir Cost – A big part of optimizing your deck to perform well in battle is keeping your average elixir cost at a good level. Your average elixir cost is determined by all of your cards in the selected deck averaged out. This gives a good indication of how long it would take for you to deploy troops in battle, as well as how powerful they are. Higher elixir cost decks will be more powerful, but they will take much longer to put down troops into battle because they cost more. Lower elixir cost decks will have cheaper, less powerful troops in them. Although this will allow you to spam troops quickly, it is a bad option if you want to push through the ranks. One another option is using clash royale cheats which enables unlimited gems in your account.A good range for elixir cost is between 3.8 to 4.4 elixir. Keeping your average elixir cost at this level will give you a good balance of cheap and powerful cards, while still allowing you to spawn troops at a decent pace. Mixing this up between decks will help you find a good range for your play style, and ultimately win you more battles!

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Tip 2.) Go On The Defensive – Realizing when it is time to slow down in battle is a big key to staying calm and coming back from a deficit in a match. When you’re getting attacked heavily to one side, taking massive damage and fearing that you will lose, slowing down and putting your elixir into a defensive position could pull you out of trouble even if defeat seems near. Rather than putting all your elixir into a huge attack while the enemy has troops on the battlefield, taking a defensive approach and countering his or her troops will put you in a better position to attack later in the match. If you play defensive, and get an elixir advantage early instead of just trying to attack you could be up 5 or 6 elixir and completely crush your enemy with one swift push.

Try these things yourself in battle, hopefully they will help improve your arena rank and advance your crowns, coins, and play style. Good luck, and Clash on!

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